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Tuesday Open Results

Please note, normally we only run games on Tuesday afternoons. If a date isn't listed here-we're not having a game on that date. Our table fee for all games is $8.00 per player unless noted on that date
Our schedule is tentative and may change because of changes in ACBL regulations and/or facility availability

Other than 4/2 there will be a game on Tuesdays at noon
The playing site is unavailable on April 2
The last game of the 2019 season will be on May 7

Hand Records and analysis from January 22 ACBL-wide

Tuesday February 5-noon
  Charity game

Tuesday February 12-noon
  Unit Wide game

Tuesday February 19-noon
  Membership game
Anyone can play but both partners must be ACBL members
to receive ACBL Master Points

Tuesday February 26-noon
  Club Masterpoint game

Tuesday March 5-noon
  Club Championship

Tuesday March 12-noon
  Grand National Team Fund Raiser
Despite the name, it's a pair game

Tuesday March 19-noon
  Club Masterpoint game

Tuesday March 26-noon
  Charity game

Tuesday March 26-noon
  Charity game

The playing site is unavailable on April 2

Tuesday April 9-noon
  Charity game

Tuesday April 16-noon
  Charity game

Tuesday April 23-noon
  Charity game

Tuesday April 30-noon
  Charity game

Tuesday May 7-noon
  Grass Roots Fund Raiser game

Tuesday May 14-noon
  Sectional Tournament at Clubs
All points are SILVER
Last game of the season
We'll return in January 2020

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